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Naht Designs was founded in 2013 with the idea of “A Life with Arabic Calligraphy”

Where the name “Naht” which is translated in English to “carving” came from the principle of integrating the Arabic language in our daily lives in new, different and creative ways and using it in an innovative way that also preserves the beauty of the language with regard to the dissemination of motivational high values in an attractive manner that keeps up with the new generation.

Starting from apparel designs, home décor to huge murals and eye-catching live performances in Arabic for Arabic and non-Arabic speakers to integrating the language with modern technology and many other ideas that highlight the beauty of the language and maintain its renewal and ensure its continuance in our daily life.


We are inspired by the aesthetic of Arabic calligraphy to present works of art that embody the Arab culture in all its varieties visually to suit everyone, where our inspiration from the real life to conform to the modern environment and highlight it using Arabic letters with a modern and stylish character.


The “Naht” brand is influenced by the Arabian character of the modern Arabic writing styles to be accompanied by a distinguished product range for all those interested in enriching their reality with the aesthetics of various designs in different fields.


To introduce the Arabic language and culture by offering a range of products that combine authenticity and elegance and emulate modern culture to carry the designs of the Arabic Calligraphy and contribute to promoting the Arab culture in various circles, whether for Arabic or non Arabic speakers and those who are interested or even those from all over the world who are not connected to the Arabic language.




Diaa is a Calligrapher, Muralist & Live Art Performer. An Egyptian with an Emirati Spirit , Born in Ajman UAE and grew up in Qurayyah, Fujairah. Living his entire life in the UAE. An Urban Planner and Landscape Architect in profession and Founder of Na7t Designs! The first Emirati brand specialized in Arabic calligraphy fashion & lifestyle. His aim is to combine and integrate Arabic Calligraphy in contemporary Modern Art. Diaa is the curator of Ajman Murals Project, winner of Al Dar Arabic Calligraphy Art Competition and participated in Dubai Guinness Record Graffiti Scroll, RAK Guinness Record Biggest glow-in-the-dark graffiti wall and many exhibitions & live art shows across the UAE.

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Majed is a Graffiti artist and illustrator specialized in street art. Born in 1993 in Mecca, Saudi Arabia Started being interesting in art at the age of 13! started to make freehand sketches as stickers.

At the beginning of 2007 started illustrating and graffiti art then in 2010 was my start to use spray cans on wall until 2013 when i develop my style to arabic graffiti then calligraffiti! 2014 was the first to Digital Illustration!

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NAHT Designs



Unlimited creativity for a wide range of options

From designing your business identity to decorating your home and office with bespoke and creative products and artworks in Arabic Calligraphy by Naht Designs


Our art works of Arabic calligraphy decorate your buildings and walls where the highly skilled artists of Naht Designs put their artistic touches on your buildings, house walls or work places.

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We offer a unique collection of original paintings that carry the inspiration of their artists to add splendor to your home or work places.

You can order personalized designs.


Decorate your gifts with the artistic touches of Arabic calligraphy to add an oriental mark.

We have a variety of products in this section as per your requests.


Create a distinguished business identity by merging Arabic calligraphy with modern designs.


We participate in artistic and cultural events inside and outside of the United Arab Emirates to present special live performances using Arabic calligraphy.


We contribute to support your initiatives through our distinctive designs of authentic Arabic calligraphy in a contemporary style.

We launch initiatives for the love of the Arabic language through our various services that focuses on the use of Arabic calligraphy and introduces non-Arabic-speaking communities to its beauty and the basics of its writing.


We seek to contribute to the development of Arabic calligraphy skills for those interested and expand the areas of its use technically and culturally through workshops to teach the basics of calligraphy.